It all started in Whistler, BC..., is a neuro-wearable company, founded in April 2018. It is based in Whistler, BC, a town synonymous with flow.

We are in a time where the pace of technological change is changing the ‘future of work’ and challenging ‘what it means to be human’. There is greater distraction and demand on humans to perform at their peak cognitive and physical capabilities. And, as humans live longer, it is more important than ever that we extend our cognitive longevity.

Our patent-pending neurotechnology Wearable and AI-driven smartphone app will train you for enhanced performance. seeks to elevate global harmony by catalyzing individual development. We are making accessible and mobile clinical-grade technology for cognitive performance and longevity.


We are pleased to have been part of the first cohort of the Transformative Technology Academy, an intensive startup accelerator program.