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Extend the reach of your practice offers clinical grade neurotechnology in a familiar and easily portable wireless headset with smartphone app. Unlike other consumer EEG headsets, uses patented fuss-free electrodes that do not compromise on signal quality or placement locations due to hair. The integration of neurofeedback with photobiomodulation and HRV biofeedback accelerates clients’ progress. The intuitive user interface guides clients through sessions, monitors usage and quantifies results. comes with a range of built-in protocols to support Neuro-assisted Meditation, Trauma Release, Cognitive Rejuvenation and Peak Performance.

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Clinicians can leverage’s ability to provide neurofeedback sessions at home and extend the reach of their practice for greater results. The program protocols adapt to client progress based on biofeedback, but do not contain content, such as a guided meditation. The app is designed to work in parallel with audio sources such as clinician recorded talk tracks or meditation apps. is interested in collaborating with clinicians on studying treatment efficacy. If you are interested in measuring and enhancing results with clients, please fill out the adjacent form and we will connect with you.