At, we believe that changing the world starts with changing oneself. Our goal is to empower you to accelerate your personal development with leading-edge neurotechnology. We have carefully constructed programs that can accompany you on a journey to peak performance and awakening. We have integrated a seamless user experience with science-based personalization to yield quantified progression, that you can track for yourself.

The Brains of The Organization founder and CEO Paola Telfer

Paola Telfer


Serial Founder; Electrical Engineer, MBA; Singularity University Alumni; Led complex projects ranging from custom microchip design to government healthcare initiatives; Life-long explorer of human consciousness development;

Brilliant Sensai Founder and CTO Corey Julihn

Corey Julihn


Usability Design Expert; Experienced leading, designing, building and deploying national Healthcare Solutions; Engineered software, hardware, privacy and security for government healthcare solutions;

A headshot of the COO of Geoff Telfer with a happy grin

Geoff Telfer


Hands-on leader with expertise in new product development, strategic marketing, customer experience, financial management and operational scaling; Data-driven marketer; BComm, MBA;

Our Science Advisors

Sensai Science Advisor James Doty author of The Magic Shop

James Doty MD

Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford; Practicing Neurosurgeon; Founder & Director of CCARE (Research Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education) affiliated with Stanford Neurosciences Institute; Chairman of the Dalai Lama Foundation; Author of ‘Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart.”

John Mattison, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) Emeritus for Kaiser Permanente; CMIO at Arsenal Partners; Faculty at Singularity University Exponential Medicine; Covaxx Member; Recognized thought leader at the intersection of medical innovation with artificial intelligence, remote health and data privacy.

Dr. Estate (Tato) Sokhadze

PhD in Human Physiology, with post-doctorates in Psychopharmacology and Cognitive Neuroscience. Director of the Evoked Potential (Event Related Potentials) Lab at Cognitive Neuroscience Labs. President, Foundation for Neuromodulation and Neurofeedback Research (FNNR).

Sensai science advisor Dr. Amy Serin

Dr. Amy Serin

Renowned Neuropsychology PhD, keynote speaker and stress expert; Author of The Stress Switch, a bestseller in Preventive Medicine; Runs the Serin Center neurotherapy clinics in Arizona; Has been a keynote and featured speaker at over 100 conferences, and top media including Huffington Post, Inc., NBC, Thrive Global, Men’s Health, Shape, Mashable, and Bustle, among others.

Dr. Jay Gunkelman who specializes in classical clinical EEG

Jay Gunkleman

Recognized Pioneer in QEEG (Quantified EEG); President & Founder of Brain Science Institute; Past president of International Society for Neurofeedback & Research; Analyzed 1M+ EEGs since 1972; He has conducted, published or participated in hundreds of research papers, articles, books and meetings internationally.

Dr. Sanjay Manchanda

Lead Scientist at Transtech Labs and Finders Course; Decades of clinical experience with QEEG and Photobiomodulation; Certified Counsellor; PhD Computer Engineering. Expertise in the intersection of consciousness evolution and trauma release.

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