is a fully remote startup with the vision of democratizing world-class neurotech for recovery and enhancement. Home is Whistler, British Columbia, but we work with professionals across the globe. brings many firsts to market and that comes with a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio. This includes personalization methods and breakthrough sensors which enable us to offer the consumer market a broad range of catered programs for the first time.

We have designed with user experience in mind, using gamification and the psychology of positive habit building. leverages decades of experience from renowned clinicians as a solid foundation for our learning algorithms.

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Benefits and Culture

Personal Development

Our number 1 priority is striving for growth and personal transformation for ourselves and our community members. This is our north star and guides all of our activities. For our team members this includes providing flexible work hours, flexible vacation time and a personal development budget.

Compassionate Communication

We value transparency, authenticity and accountability in our communications. We will offer and be open to constructive feedback. This goes hand in hand with personally striving to embody gratitude, compassion and forgiveness. This approach helps us overcome ego-centric concerns and builds cohesive and productive teams.


We approach our business with an abundance mentality. We focus on making the pie bigger, rather than competing for a slice. We apply this perspective with partners, competitors and team members. This includes providing performance bonuses to every team member.


We nurture curiosity, open-mindedness and wonder. We strive to always be learning, listening and questioning our own assumptions. This is how our team will stay ahead on the innovation curve. We know creativity and innovation require time and space. We give our team members time to do things well, not endless deadlines, and we encourage everyone to take a break when the work is done.


We are a team of self-driven individuals that love to dig into complex issues. We are obsessed with solving problems. We are motivated by tough challenges and get great gratification from delivering beyond expectations.