7 Ways to Extend Cognitive Healthspan

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Cognitive healthspan is the number of years lived with good cognitive function.

  1. Identify 3 reasons why you want to maintain a high-level of cognitive health as you age. Be clear about your why’s.
  2. What will you start doing, and what will you stop doing today (and every day thereafter) that will move you towards better cognitive health?
  3. When in the next 48 hours will you assess your brain function? Don’t put this off. Take either Apollo Health Cq assessment or The Cognitive Function (CFT) test. Repeat at least once a year.
  4. Educate yourself on how to optimize and maintain the health of your brain by reading my blog article here. It takes just 10 minutes.
  5. Enhance and maintain optimal cognitive function, with Sens.ai, the 5-in-1 brain training system. Its synergistic combination of brain training (neurofeedback), heart-brain training (HRV biofeedback) and brain stimulation (transcranial photobiomodulation), along with tech-assisted meditation training and brain performance assessment, makes it the world’s most comprehensive brain system training available for home use.
  6. Chronic unmanaged stress is a significant driver of cognitive dysfunction and an unhealthy lifestyle. Discover how to reduce stress, build resilience and manage your emotions here.
  7. Brain fog is common. If you experience fuzzy or clouded thinking read my blog article entitled Reclaim Your Mental Clarity: An Integrative Approach to Clearing Brain Fog.

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