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Making Mental Thriving Part of Everyone’s Everyday

Sens.ai is a neurotechnology start-up based in Whistler, Canada. The business operates at the interesting intersection of neurotechnology, advanced meditation, peak performance and cognitive longevity.

Sens.ai was developed in collaboration with top neuro-clinicians, neuroscientists and researchers. Sens.ai introduces the world's first consumer brain training solution that personalizes and adapts to your real-time brainwaves and your goals. This means it is the only brain training device you will need to optimize your life. You can train everything from focus and stress management to creativity, mindfulness and meditation deepening.

Sens.ai has taken the precision of lab equipment and made it into a small, consumer-friendly headset and App for daily use. With Sens.ai everyone can now benefit from top personalized neuro-optimization in an easy, cost effective way.

Founded in 2018 by Paola Telfer and Corey Julihn, Sens.ai has developed several patent-pending technical breakthroughs and is available for pre-order now.

What is Sens.ai?

Clinical Grade Brain Training At Home, For The First Time

Sens.ai helps people maximize the potential of their brains. Brain performance underpins our success with career, sports and relationships. Sens.ai is an all-in-one non-invasive brain training solution delivered in a stylish headset and App that makes everything customer-friendly and simple to use. The purpose-built headset connects to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth.

The headset is full of innovative technology and includes patent-pending EEG sensors, a Heart-Rate sensor, and specialized LEDs for light therapy. This allows Sens.ai to deliver precise, objective measurement of your brain’s function which provides a base picture on which to plot future progress and personalization. At Sens.ai, the goal is to ensure users get both what they ‘want’ and ‘need’. Sens.ai’s ease of use makes it accessible for you to brain train regularly, on your schedule, for optimal results.

How does Sens.ai work?

Programs Take You From Recovery, to Peak Performance, to Heightened Creative States.

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What makes Sens.ai different?

The First to Incorporate Heart Coherence Training With Brain Training

Paola and Corey started with a simple question to veterans in the field: "What would be the ideal system for home?”. As a result, Sens.ai is the most complete personal brain training solution that provides life-long benefits.

1 | Sens.ai ‘builds’ long-term traits - versus just ‘monitoring’ or ‘stimulating’ a state change. It teaches you how to get into your desired mental states, on-demand, without dependency.

2 | Faster Results - with Sens.ai, brain training (heart coherence and neurofeedback) learning curves are accelerated by combining heart and brain training. This learning curve is further accelerated by light stimulation (transcranial photobiomodulation) in a closed-loop system.

3 | Personalized in real-time - Sens.ai adapts its Programs to you in real-time with its EEG and HRV sensors.

4 | Clinical grade measurement made simple - Sens.ai solved the problem of EEG sensors/electrodes’ being comfortable while being able to read with high fidelity through hair! So our electrodes are perfectly placed to be able to read along with the hub of your brain - the rich club network.

5 | Reads and trains across ALL brainwaves - Sens.ai’s high fidelity electrodes are able to read and therefore train gamma brain waves - a key to cognitive longevity, peak performance, and the brain wave of the world’s most advanced meditators!

6 | Objective brain tests from the comfort of home - Sens.ai is the first to bring objective functional brain tests from the lab to the home. You start with a clear baseline and importantly get to track progress through life.

7 | More training Programs for life - Sens.ai offers the broadest range of Programs in a consumer device by virtue of its proprietary electrodes, their placement on the brain and the gamma wave capabilities. It is the only brain training device you will need for all of life’s ebbs and flows

8 | You can share! - Sens.ai devices can be used with family members from 13 to 113 years of age.

What is Sens.ai beneficial for?

Awakens Your Genius - Helping Your Brain Become Sharper, Faster, and Better

Whether you are looking to roll back the impacts of aging and brain fog or seeking to push that 1% extra performance in an elite sport or corporate environment Sens.ai can help. Whether you are starting a journey of self-development or an advanced/experienced meditator looking for further improvement Sens.ai can help. Whether you have a specific desire to improve focus, creativity, calm, concentration, clarity, or want to develop overall improvement in life and happiness, Sens.ai can help.

Sens.ai is designed to help people strengthen their mental resilience and improve cognitive performance in a variety of measurable ways. This includes thinking speed, physical reaction time, accuracy, and impulse control. Sens.ai has 20+ programs such as Focus, Creativity, Calm, Concentration, and Mindfulness - each with its own unique and personalized experience.