For Lasting Transformation eases your personal transformation journey.

We all know changing mental habits can be hard. The experience is designed to be joyful and rewarding while you develop your mental acuity and happiness.

Programs are healthy mind states mapped to brain frequencies and brain locations. has over 20 Programs for Train and even more for Boost. Each ~20-minute Program Session can be enjoyed a-la-carte or as part of a Mission. There are 16 Missions, each providing you guided progression over 4-8 weeks. Missions are challenges that transform.

You Shouldn’t Need to be a Neuroscientist to Tap Into the Scientific Power of Brain Training

Brain training is like ocean exploration. There is a vastness and depth with much to discover. And just like going into the ocean, you need to be well prepared. is powerful tech, and for your optimal experience, we needed our app design to go the extra mile to help you be set up for success each step of the way. has meticulously paired decades of neuro-clinician experience and the study of advanced brains with art forms. The result is that your adaptable mind becomes as natural as a “sense,” MindSense™.

What is MindSense™?

Data That Makes Sense

Only a handful of experts in the world can read brainwaves with consistent accuracy —and two of them are working with We’ve integrated decades of research, clinical experience, and wisdom into our algorithms and AI so that can read and adapt to your brainwaves in real-time. This is how takes meaningful data and humanizes it for you without losing the essential aspects. Our scoring system provides neuroscience-based data without fluff; you will learn the details over time, but it will be practical day 1.

Neuroscience-Based Unlocks

We have created a careful series of building blocks into our Programs and Missions structure. As you progress, more options unlock. Clinical experience has shown that you don’t want to go too deep until you have a solid base of resilience. Even advanced thinkers or meditators, and those who have done dozens of plant medicine journeys or silent meditation retreats, still benefit from training in mental flexibility. We define mental flexibility as the ability to shift into any mental state effortlessly—depending on the task at hand. For to make this vast array of Programs available, we need everyone to start with resilience building. It only helps make your brain and nervous system more robust—and have even more profound experiences once the advanced Programs are unlocked.

Guided Thought Tracks

Based on clinical experience and research, we know which thought patterns enhance which Programs (based on mental states). We include some powerful thought tracks as optional because we know this will improve your training results.

Transportive Art

Brain training is powerful stuff. It’s going to get deep. We use narrative and visual art to prime your mind for each Session. Art is unique in its ability to connect. This art container allows a new mental construct outside of the regular to allow a direct experience of something new. The accompanying narrative is just a minute or two and intentionally leaves room for your interpretation. We created this because we know it will enhance your experience, but like the thought track, it is optional.

Seamless Soundscapes

Our Train mode has biofeedback at its core. Training means that you will be receiving real-time cues from your brain and heart. Most of our Train Programs are eyes-closed. Only the Focus Programs require visual cues. We have carefully engineered soundscapes that are transportive and fade into the background. The feedback will be faster than the speed of thought, so it does not require your attention. The soundscapes are conducive to meditative states, and there are options for personal preference.

Personalized Membership

The personalized nature of requires each user to have a unique account. A headset can be shared, and accounts work on any headset. Memberships are $20/month and include access to all Programs within Train, Boost and Assess, all Missions and 2 years of data. Non-members can still access Boosts for Calm, Focus and Clarity Programs.

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 Andrew Miles
Using the headset, I was able to dip into states that usually take me weeks of practice to build up to - within 5 minutes! This was in a room full of people talking. I have recommended it to several colleagues for personal use and for use clinically. This is a major breakthrough for brain training. It is easy to operate and fun to use.

Andrew Miles

CEO & Founder - Botanical Biohacking