Wellness Mama

Brain Training at Home
Katie Wells goes deep into the topic of brain training at home and how to optimize brain states with Sens.ai CEO Paola Telfer. Paola shares what led to the development of her new product, Sens.ai, a neurotechnology product that helps people take control of their brain’s neuroplasticity and extend their cognitive health span.
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ecomm podcast


Hacking the Brain for Improved Performance
Andrew Youderian discusses the secrets of brain efficiency and performance enhancement with Paola Telfer, CEO & Founder of Sens.ai. She will explain the brain states, from hyper-focus to relaxation, and how training your brain can unlock a multitude of benefits, such as improved sleep, enhanced creativity, and improved reaction time.
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real leaders

Real Leaders

Brain Training for Leadership
Kevin Edwards, founder of Real Leaders, jumps into exploring methods of how highly-effective leaders can train their brains to make the ultimate impact with Paola Telfer, CEO of Sens.ai. She shares her captivating thoughts on harnessing neurofeedback, new technology and using meditation to create positive leadership.
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one day

One Day with Jon Bier

Harnessing Your Potential: Neurofeedback
Get ready to discover your potential and harness the power of your mind through a captivating conversation on neurofeedback and meditation with Paola Telfer, the creator of Sens.ai. As we traverse the pulsating energy of LA, immerse yourself in the world of wellness trends and heart-brain coherence that the city is renowned for.
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mind body podcast

Mind Body Peak Performance

Ultimate 5-in-1 Neurotech System
Nick Urban explores the topic of brain training with experts Dr. Drew Pierson and Paola Telfer, the creator of Sens.ai. Discover how to boost intelligence, reach peak brain performance, explore transcranial photobiomodulation, and harness the power of biofeedback. Uncover secrets to unlocking your full mental potential.
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Redefining Peak Performance
Paola Telfer CEO/Founder and Corey Julihn CTO/Founder of Sens.ai come on the NeuroNoodle Neurofeedback Podcast with Jay Gunkelman the man who has read over 500,000 brain scans, Dr. Mari Swingle, Author of iMinds and Pete Jansons to discuss Sens.ai’s product they offer in the Personal Development and Wellness Space.
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live through love podcast

Live Through Love

Unlocking the Frequency of Love
Paola Telfer, CEO and founder of Sens.ai, joins Ruben Rojas to delve into the power of training the brain for love, emphasizing not just physical fitness but also mental well-being. Paola shares insightful strategies for shifting mental states and enhancing mindfulness, from simple breathing practices to leveraging modeling techniques.
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ever forward podcast

Ever Forward Radio

A.I. to Train your Brain at Home
Embrace the captivating world of brain health with Paola Telfer as we explore the transformative power of wearable technology in monitoring and improving mental wellbeing. Discover the intriguing confluence of neuroplasticity, emotions and self-awareness as we dive into the realm of neurofeedback and heart coherence technology.
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marrin costello podcast

Marrin Costello Radio

Paola Telfer; CEO and Founder of Sens.ai
Paola is an avid explorer of neuroscience, consciousness development and peak states. She is the CEO and Founder of Sens.ai. Given AI and the future of work, this is more pressing than ever. Paola Telfer's passion for harnessing exponential technology for human thriving is a driving force behind her work.
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pure ambition podcast

Pure Ambition

Getting the Most Out of Your Brain
In this episode, Paola delves into the world of neurotechnology, exploring its potential impact on human life. Drawing a line between brain health and mental health, she advocates for reprogramming thought patterns to serve us positively and highlights meditation's consistent practice for improved mental well-being.
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Articles, Reviews & Press


Buck Institute Collaboration

Longevity Tech & Biological Brain Clock
Sens.ai and and Dr. Eric Verdin, President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, announce a collaboration to spearhead scientific advancement in brain health and longevity. Together, they'll research and develop a biological clock to measure brain age, marking a potential shift in the treatment of age-related neurological decline.
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Times Article

The Times

Can a Brain Headset Make Me Smarter?
Phil Hilton of The Times couldn’t wait to try out a gizmo that claims to give your mind a tune-up in middle age, despite the scepticism of some current neuroscientists. With an open perspective, he details his first foray into mind optimisation, and what it was like trying out Sens.ai for the very first time.
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