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Your pre-order includes a headset, a GeniusPulse Controller™, a hard-shell travel case, international power adaptors, and a one-year subscription for all Programs. By pre-ordering now you are reserving the best price available. You will be guaranteed your spot in line for the first production run that will be shipping in July.

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We plan to ship starting in early Q2 2023. We will keep you up to date on our progress and the expected delivery date of your order.

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Shipping will not be charged at the time of pre-ordering and will be determined when the shipping date and address are confirmed.

Shipping will be FREE to US, Canada, UK and EU.

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Medical Disclaimer

The headset and app are not medical devices and are not intended to mitigate, prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease or condition. If you have any concerns about your health, please consult your doctor.


The use of the technology may evoke strong emotions. You may wish to consider reading about how to welcome and work with strong emotions, such as books in the emotional health category. If you feel overwhelmed, please consider reaching out to a professional mental health practitioner.

Specialized programs developed by brain experts:

Develop the ability to direct your attention. Benefits include improved hand-eye coordination, spatial processing skills and working memory capacity.

Ease into calm states and give your nervous system a reset. Recharge faster with's combined heart and brain training for full mind and body relaxation.

Change your mood and change your day. Sometimes we need help getting mentally unstuck. With this Boost, you can elevate your perspective and trigger flow.

Guided Thought Tracks

Based on clinical experience and research, we know which thought patterns enhance which Programs (based on mental states). We include some powerful thought tracks as optional because we know this will improve your training results.

Sensai meditation pairings chart for achieving optimal brain states


The first device of its kind, is designed with impressive specs that set a new standard.


What is Included in your free 12-month Membership?'s personalization includes both in-Session adaptations and guidance over time. Members can take full advantage of personalization through Game Missions, Trending Data and Performance Tests. Guided meditation tracks are provided for each Program.

Can I share my headset with other household members?

We encourage sharing! Add up to 5 accounts on any one device. Additional memberships will be available for purchase. Includes access to all Training programs, Boost programs, missions and assessment data.

Will work without a membership?

Non-members will still have accounts and get the benefit of select personalized Boosts and HRV training.

The charts below outline what membership includes for each of’s modes: Boost, Train and Assess.

membership chart highlighting the many membership benefits in Boost mode
membership chart highlighting the many membership benefits in Train mode
membership chart highlighting the many membership benefits in Assess mode