What are the membership advantages? guides members on a personalized journey, starting with goals and evolving together over time. Membership provides access to Missions, Train Mode, Meditation Tracks, all Boost Programs, Primers, and all Assessment capabilities.


A Mission is an intentional curriculum of training designed to achieve a specific outcome over 5-12 weeks. Missions include Ultimate Resilience, Brain Upgrade and Sleep Nirvana. The App guides you through daily Program selection and encourages your goal achievement. Additional Missions unlock you progress.

Train Mode

Membership provides access to Train Mode: clinically-developed neurofeedback and heart coherence biofeedback to help make lasting changes. Start with Calm and Focus, unlock additional Programs as you achieve milestones - including Clarity, Introspection, and Brightening.

More Boosts

Boosts deliver light energy into the brain to enhance cognition, focus and mood. Membership provides access to meditation tracks and unlocks additional Boosts over time including Social, Drive, and Stillness. Boosts can be used as Primers to supercharge you Train Sessions.

Memberships vs Free Accounts

Free Accounts
Train - Heart Coherence Biofeedback
Train - Neurofeedback
Guided Missions

* Free accounts have access to the subset of Boosts and Assessments

Full Access to Missions & Assessments

Based on your goals, biometrics, and lessons learned from the analysis of +1 Million EEGs, will make recommendations and guide you through the optimal path to your desired outcome. At the beginning, middle and end of each Mission you will be invited to assess the function and performance of your brain. Our Genius Pulse Controller uses event related potentials (ERP's) to assess brain processing speed, accuracy, reaction time and error correction. Need objective data on how you are progressing? This provides it!

Need More Than One User?

The headset can be shared with friends and family supporting up to 5 users. Each user needs their own account to keep their sessions and measurement personalized to them. Those with membership accounts get full access to all Missions, Assessments, and Programs. Those with free accounts can access Chill, Snooze, Prepare, and Expand Boost Programs as well as heart coherence training.

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